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Hong Kong skyline

  1. There is a huge population of Filipino and Indonesian maids. This is made all the more apparent on Sundays when they have a day off and all congregate in public areas in groups. Last count, the Hong Kong government listed the population at around 150,000.
  2. English is only widely spoken in main areas around Hong Kong to varying degrees. Tourist areas that cater to Travelers in Hong Kong have english more widespread in places like Tsim Sha Tsui and expat heavy areas like Central.

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When thinking of Southeast Asia, very rarely is there mention of the Philippines.  It’s always the usual line up of backpacker type areas in Thailand, or Cambodia or even Laos.  I have personally been to the Philippines more times than I can count, and can definitely say that it is just as good if not better than beaches of Thailand. The waters are clear and diving is superb. English is widely spoke and the prices are in line for Southeast Asian budget travel.

Philippine Diving in Palawan Coron for budget travel

Island touring in Palawan

So why are there so few budget travelers to the Philippines?

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It happened again… a friend booked a flight to Hong Kong. JUST Hong Kong. For TWO.WEEKS. I always try not to cringe when I hear about their plans, then immediately plead with them to add another location to their itinerary. How about Bangkok? or Hanoi? Or even Beijing?

I never understood why people come to Hong Kong for so long when there is so many other places to go see in Asia. The city is tiny, I mean TINY. The main parts would only span about 5 major MTR (subway) stops, and areas are easily walkable.  While I wouldn’t advise anyone to skip Hong Kong entirely, I would suggest spending only a few days here, hell 24 hours is enough.

Heres how to see Hong Kong in 24 hours

Taking the cable cars to see Big Buddha off in the distance

Once you land, head over to Big Buddha by taking the Ngong Ping 360, a very scenic cable car ride up and over mountains until you get to Lantau Island.  Unless you’re scared of heights, I suggest opt for the crystal cabin which is a glass bottom.

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Here are 3 ideas for beginner travelers to get started for If you have never been to Asia before, picking a place to travel to can be a bit of a daunting task. The area is JUST.THAT.BIG. If you are just starting out and want to narrow the choices down, here are my top recommendations for travel ideas in Asia.

(3) Going to Bangkok, Thailand for a City and cultural trip

Climbing Bangkoks scenic temples by the water - Wat Arun

Bangkok is a surprisingly modern city with skyscrapers and a very efficient sky tram (subway). While the well-known red-light district is a bit sketchy, it is mostly harmless and keeps to certain areas. The cultural aspects of it are out of this world with dramatic temples and scenic river views.  While it is modern, Bangkok is still considered a third-world country so there are plenty of 4 star hotels in Bangkok for under $100 a night, and plenty of quality spa facilities for cheap. Both shady and not shady.


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It took some time, but after becoming an expat in Asia, I have finally decided to launch a travel blogs site for my travel experiences in Southeast Asia, the United States and everywhere in between.

Having been a travel enthusiast for so long, I always had a passion for traveling and travel planning and research that went into it. I planned for trips in an OCD -like fashion taking into consideration all resources available and now I can have the chance to share that planning with people.

As an American transplant in Hong Kong, it gives me good use of it as a hub to do traveling in the backpackers favorite area of  Southeast Asia, among other areas within a couple hours plane ride away.